Q: how long does a session run?  

A: for our regularly scheduled fall/spring classes,

the dance season is like the school year. 

We begin our classes in September, and they run through June. 

We conclude our dance year with our spring recital in june.

for our outdoor classes, we run each class in 8-week sessions. 

for schedules, visit the class info page.


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    Q: are dancers required to wear masks?

A: we follow all current LA county covid guidelines.

at this time, masks are optional.

For the most current health & safety guidelines (including masks)

click on the link below.

    Q: what if i need to cancel my classes?

A: to cancel your classes, we require a 2 week notice by email.

once you cancel the class, the spot is open to other dancers.

if you want to start again, you must re-enroll (upon availability).

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    Q: if we miss a class, can we do a  make-up class?

A: yes!  we encourage dancers to do make-up classes for any classes missed due to holiday closures or personal reasons.  all make-up classes must be pre-scheduled. 

to schedule a make-up class, email us at aspiredancestudio@yahoo.com or visit the front desk.

    Q: How do i register?

A: all registrations must be done online.

click the link below and complete each step to register online! 

the same link helps you access your aspire account,

if you are a current or returning client.

    more questions? email us!

    Q: are youR in-person classes held indoors or outdoors?

A: OUR fall/spring 2022/2023 CLASSES will be held in our indoor dance studioS. 

See safety & health guidelines for more info.

    Q: can i try my first class before signing up?

A: for new students, we offer a full week of free trial classes!

please email or call us to schedule your free trial week.



*new students only.* 

returning students (from 2020-2022) do not apply for free trial classes.

    Q: is it month-to-month registration?  

A: once you register for the class, you are registered for the entire dance season (september through june).

tuition is billed monthly, on the first of each month

with the card that is on file on your account.